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Behind the Scenes at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

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Behind the Scenes at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

There are a lot of traditions for rookies after draft night. They make their debuts during the summer league in Las Vegas, attend a rookie symposium, learn the tricks of the trade and flash 1,000-watt smiles in an annual rookie photo shoot.

Babineau used double and triple exposures

Babineau has a knack for creating interesting images of players. He is consistently coming up with new ideas for these photo shoots, and his creative use of double and triple exposures was no exception this year. His double and triple exposures of players mimicked the action of the game. He used them to capture two players dunking, and he also used double and triple exposures to create the illusion of three players playing at one time.

Seitel used penmanship

The NBA ROOKIE PHOTO SHOT is a great opportunity for rookies to showcase their skills and personalities. The photo shoot has produced many memorable moments over the years, from group shots to trick shots and dunk contests. It also gives fans a first look at a player’s new uniforms.

Amati remembers ’94 rookie shoot

The ’94 NBA rookie shoot was an event that brought rookies together in different locations ahead of the season. It was a way for the NBA to capture the rookies’ looks before they were ready for the media and the start of the season. The shoot was also a way for the NBA to promote its trading card partners. Panini and other companies wanted to get the rookies’ photos in their new uniforms.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s penmanship

The NBA Rookies Photo Shoot is a traditional milestone for the upcoming season. The summer league and summer leagues in July are the perfect places to snap pictures of the rookie class of 2014. The process was created in 1994 and now includes a wide range of activities. The NBA Vice President of Photography oversees all aspects of the shoot.

Allen Iverson was No. 1 overall pick

Allen Iverson is a beloved figure in the NBA. One of the top picks in the 1996 NBA Draft, he launched a Hall of Fame career and is now one of the most popular players in the league. Although he missed the iconic Rookies Photo Shoot, Iverson is still very fond of his fellow draft class members.

Admiral Schofield’s penmanship

Admiral Schofield’s penmanship is on point for the 2019 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot. The 6-foot-6 forward from Zion, IL is known for his incredibly strong handwriting, and he’s also committed to learning cursive to improve his handwriting. He requested “How To” books from his agent and diligently worked on his handwriting behind the scenes. And his efforts paid off, as he was named the best penman in the 40-player class at Panini America’s NBA Rookie Photo Shoot.

Allen Iverson’s autograph

During a photo shoot of the NBA Rookies, Allen Iverson signed several Kobe Bryant posters for a young fan. It was an emotional moment for the player, who was enthralled by the photo of him and Kobe. The two, both members of the 1996 draft class, later wrote letters to each other after Kobe’s death in 2020.

Joe Amati’s memories

One of Joe Amati’s fondest memories of the NBA rookie photo shoot is photographing Kobe Bryant, who was still in a black cast. This year’s shoot included Jayson Tatum, Zion Williamson and many other top NBA rookies.

Photos from Panini’s 2022 rookie photo shoot

This year’s Panini Rookie Photo Shoot was full of hilarious moments and great photos. Photographer Marc Babineau came up with several creative ideas for the shoot, including using double and triple exposures to show players mimicking the action of a game. Babineau also used a double exposure of one player to make it look like the player was dunking. Another creative idea was to have three players in one photo.

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