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Top 5 Best Paying Jobs in Technology

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Top 5 Best Paying Jobs in Technology

In India, there’s a record demand for software programmers. Currently, programmers can earn between 24 and 40 lakhs of rupees (LPA) annually. Another high-paying tech job is data engineer. Data engineers are needed as the internet produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. According to reports, 97% of companies are investing in Big Data and artificial intelligence.

Data analytics manager

As the name suggests, this position requires an individual with analytical skills to analyze, manage, and implement large databases. They also must be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Their job description also often calls for them to build and maintain data models. They must have excellent interpersonal and writing skills, and must be able to effectively communicate with various teams. They also need to be good time managers and excellent decision-makers.

A data analytics manager oversees the databases used by a company to make critical business decisions. They monitor these databases for abnormalities and troubleshoot when necessary. This position requires good data analytics skills and experience in different programming languages.

Full Stack Developer

In a fast-paced industry, Full Stack Developers are required to master multiple technologies and platforms. They also need to have a strong knowledge of databases. Besides, they’re expected to help others when they’re not sure what to do. As a result, Full Stack Developers earn high salaries.

Many full-stack developers have health benefits and other benefits. Eighty-one percent of them have full medical coverage, 72 percent have dental coverage, and 64 percent have vision care. However, some companies don’t provide these benefits. Additionally, many professional developers report having a supportive work environment and a wide variety of career development opportunities.

Cloud architect

As a Cloud Architect, you’ll design the infrastructure of a cloud, including its network, storage, and security architecture. You will need to have experience and a thorough understanding of the principles of cloud computing. You should also have a thorough understanding of the different cloud service providers.

A cloud architect is in charge of designing and developing the cloud environment for an organization. They plan the cloud environment for an organization, develop its approval plans, and implement cloud storage management systems. They also focus on management and formulate strategies for managing and maintaining cloud systems.

IoT arrangements modeler

As the Internet of Things is gaining popularity, IoT arrangement modelers are in high demand. This position requires knowledge of engineering and computer science. These professionals supervise the development and mechanism of IoT models. In addition to working in an engineering environment, IoT arrangement engineers also play a role in various projects related to the field. The salary for these professionals can go as high as $130,000 a year.

Internet of Things is a rapidly growing field, with new devices, sensors, and software constantly arriving. Because the Internet of Things requires connectivity, IoT arrangements modelers must understand how to make such networks work. There are many jobs available in this field, and many companies are looking for IoT experts. The IoT market is expected to grow to more than $761.4 billion by 2020, and $1.39 trillion by 2026.

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