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Baker Mayfield has been diagnosed with a shoulder injury

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Baker Mayfield Injury

Baker Mayfield has been diagnosed with a shoulder injury. How will this injury impact the Cleveland Browns? What is the recovery time? How long will he be out of the NFL? And what about the Steelers? Find out in this article. We’ll also discuss what this injury means for the Steelers.

Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury

Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury has caused many to question if he can return to the field this year. While the injury is on the non-throwing shoulder, Mayfield could still be able to play this season, as long as he avoids any setbacks. But, Mayfield’s injury could force the Browns to consider other options for their quarterback position. The injured QB is likely to require surgery at some point during the season.

The Browns were eliminated from playoff contention following Sunday’s game against the Texans, as the Bengals won the AFC North Division. The injury has been so serious that Mayfield, who ranks 26th in QBR, must wear a protective harness while throwing. Although he says he is not completely recovered from the injury, he feels confident in his ability to play through it.

Impact on Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are on the verge of making a big decision on their quarterback situation. They’ll have to decide whether they want to retain Mayfield or trade him. The former Oklahoma star is in the final year of his rookie deal, but they’ve already picked up a fifth-year option to guarantee him $18.9 million next season. The move could send the wrong message to Mayfield, who could then request a trade. Then again, Mayfield could appeal to another team as a reclamation quarterback.

The injury may not have been a significant limiting factor in the game against the Cardinals, but it still has the potential to hurt the Browns’ playoff and championship hopes. Fortunately, the quarterback has plenty of time to recover. The team’s head coach, Craig Stefanski, said they will monitor Mayfield’s health. But the team still needs to win if it wants to make a run at the Super Bowl. Mayfield has made it clear that winning is his top priority, and he needs to play better if they hope to make that happen.

Recovery time

Baker Mayfield has torn the labrum in his left shoulder, which is the thick piece of tissue that holds the shoulder in place. Mayfield suffered this injury while attempting a tackle. As a result, his arm popped out of the socket. This is a common way to tear a labrum.

Baker Mayfield underwent surgery on his shoulder to repair the torn labrum. He underwent the surgery in Los Angeles, performed by Dr. Orr Limpisvasti, an orthopedic surgeon who has been a part of the Ducks. After the surgery, Mayfield tweeted that everything went well, thanking his fans for their support and asking them to continue praying for him.

Impact on Steelers

The Steelers will have to make do without Baker Mayfield for at least a week until the shoulder surgery takes place. Fortunately, he should be back for OTAs. In the meantime, the team can worry about free agency and the NFL draft. And if Mayfield is still available for the draft, the Steelers can always look to trade Mayfield.

If the injury is serious, the Steelers might have to consider playing without Mayfield for one or two weeks. This will make the Steelers’ offense less effective. However, the Steelers have a solid offensive line. Jedrick Wills has aggravated his ankle, and if Baker plays poorly, he could go on injured reserve.

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