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The wordle hint today is Quord

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Wordle Hint: Quord

The wordle hint today is Quord. Quord is a Low-growing aromatic plant. You can also use it to spell Alpha animal. And don’t worry, there will be more hints tomorrow! Keep playing Wordle to find out the hint of the day! Then, check your email or your social media for more hints and clues!


Today’s Wordle clue is a surprisingly difficult one. The word “quard” is relatively common, but it’s rarely used outside of a very specific context. That’s because the word features a nonsequential double vowel that’s impossible to decipher in just six guesses. In addition, the word also contains two letters that combine to make the sound of another letter, making it impossible to guess the word just by listening.

Today’s Wordle hint involves a common word that has an interesting origin. The word has various meanings, but the origin of the word remains a mystery. Words in English are often used for very different purposes, and it’s possible to trace their origins to find a unique meaning.

Low-growing aromatic plant

If you were wondering what to use as a Wordle hint today, you may have heard of thyme, a low-growing aromatic plant with medicinal oil. Its leaves are used in cooking and its flowers are used in aromatherapy. If you want to play along, type thyme into the search field and watch as Wordle will suggest an answer. You have six chances to guess the correct answer, and you can even share the results with others.

Alpha animal

For this Alpha animal Wordle hint today, you’ll need the letters P and I. The first letter is P, which is Spanish for painted. The second letter is I, which can be used to describe a type of fish. You’ll need to use these letters to complete your Wordle puzzle.

The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle is a noun. It starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel. The answer is an animal or human that dominates a group. It also refers to a position of dominance in a sphere or the first star in a constellation.

Single vowel in middle of word

If you’ve ever looked at a Wordle puzzle, you’ve probably noticed the single vowel in the middle. This happens a lot. For example, if you’ve looked at a wordle that features an “A” in the middle, you’ve probably seen several that contain this letter alone. In those cases, you’ll need to figure out which other words contain this letter. Here are a few tips for finding the right words:

First of all, you have to figure out whether the vowel is repeated. Then you have to figure out if there are any consonants in between the two vowels. You can also use this strategy for words that have a “S,” “R,” or “L” that occur more than once. While these solutions can work, you won’t find the word you’re looking for every day.

Copycat games

One of the most popular word games on the web is Wordle, which is made up of five-letter word puzzles. The game was created by Josh Wardle in October 2021 and quickly became a hit. It allows players to share their scores on social media. In January, the New York Times Company purchased Wordle for seven figures. This acquisition inspired other game creators to develop copycat versions. For example, there is an NFL Wordle game, named for NFL safety Eric Weddle, which offers one game per day.

Although Wordle is not a patented idea, its design and expression is protected by law, so copycat games could be subject to lawsuits. The Tetris Company, for example, used this legal argument to shut down a blatant Tetris clone on the App Store in 2012.

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